Reboot Fellows

The Reboot Fellows Program brings together emerging business, civic, government, academic, student and entrepreneurial leaders, to participate in unique programs designed to increase their civic engagement, expand their skills, broaden their experiences and shift or accelerate their career advancement, by participating in projects made available through the Reboot keiretsu of people, companies and partner organizations.

Reboot Fellows are involved in a variety of volunteer and sponsored projects, icluding Producers, Business Advisors, Planners, Coaches, Mentors, Board Members, Teacher Assistants, Project Managers, Writers, Speakers, Media & Event Specialists and Rebooters-in-Residence. Engagement opportunities are created in an exciting range of industries and functional areas, in partnership with some of the largest and smallest organizations in the world, including:

  • Podcasts and Leadership Platforms
  • Governance & Advisory Boards
  • EdTech and Teaching Programs
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Civic & Business Development
  • Startup Partnering Curation
  • Global Corporate Projects
  • Media Relations & Mar/Com
  • Public Speaking & Events
  • Video & Web Production
  • Books & Article Writing

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