Lucas and Spielberg Think Movie Ecosystem Needs a Reboot


Digital disruption of the blockbuster movie category continues to feel the pressure from changing lifestyles, viewing habits and the powerful technical and distribution capabilities from likes of Hulu, Netflix, iTunes and Amazon. The days of $300 million budgets will continue to come under pressure and regulate the number of high quality big-budget films that make it on the "big screen".  Smart producers and studios are realizing that the big screen is shifting to the homes of the mass-market viewing audience and that old release window business models will continue to come under pressure.

Like many industries, it may take the proof of a few blockbuster flops before Hollywood reboots itself, with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg sounding an alarm. Proactive studios may take preemptive steps to avoid the potential brink their that lies ahead. Rebooters believe that it is better to start cannibalizing yourself early (developing sustainable direct-to-home platforms) than to sit back wait for the market to do it to you–in the theater of war.

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