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Friend and author of The Immigrant Exodus Vivek Wadhwa has a remarkable ability to, not only do 10 things at once, but more importantly, articulate  the top tech, entrepreneurial and educational issues of our time into a uniquely honest perspective.  This open, refreshingly controversial and provocative, dialog is what we need more of today–from Washington to Silicon Valley–if we want to continue our growth and  leadership position in the global innovation economy. Vivek is off to a fast start with his latest update and 2013 Tech Predictions on Bloomberg TV below…follow him @wadhwa.

VW: "When I made my tech predictions for 2012 in The Washington Post and on Bloomberg TV, I came under intense fire from Silicon Valley for predicting outlandish things such as “Social media will lose its sizzle” and “The bubble will pop for the current crop of tech IPOs”. I was flamed on Twitter and in blogs, as in: Dead? Social Media's Explosive Growth is Only Beginning. But guess what? Almost every prediction I made was accurate. Almost. I was really happy to be wrong about LinkedIn, and $99 tablets are still two to three months away.

Below are my predictions for 2013. In a nutshell, it will be a really boring year for the Silicon Valley moguls who have been feasting on tech startups lacking real products or business models. But it will be a time for reinvention and setting the stage to solve humanity’s grand challenges. Here is an interview I did about 2013 with Bloomberg TV.

One of my predictions concerns the tablet revolution. I give India’s Aakash tablet a lot of credit for lowering the benchmark price for these technologies. Several friends have forwarded me negative and inaccurate articles from the The New York Times about Aakash. The NYT is missing the point: it doesn’t matter whether it takes a few months longer or whether some components are manufactured in China—every Apple product still is. The revolution will happen. It’s unstoppable. Here is a sensible response to The NYT by The Atlantic/Qz’s Christopher Mims: Is India’s ultra-cheap Aakash tablet doomed? (By the way, you should check out qz.com—it is a new, must-read global site).

To learn more about exponential technologies and where the billion dollar business opportunities lie, you may want to watch my recent TedX talk. It is a synthesis of what our faculty at Singularity University teach. This talk was to a women audience, but the message is applicable to entrepreneurs everywhere.  My concluding message: “Let the boys have their social media apps—while women save the world”.

Another delightful acknowledgment of my book, The Immigrant Exodus: India’s leading newspapers, Indian Express and The Financial Express, just listed it as a Best Book of the Year. I am sure that all of you have read the book already, right? 🙂 Asia Society is hosting an event about my book, at which I'll be speaking, along with my academic gurus, AnnaLee Saxenian and Dan Siciliano, on Jan 31, in San Francisco: Immigrants, Asian Americans, and the Decline of Entrepreneurship in America. Please attend if you are in town.

Finally, my advice to startups in Wall Street Journal about business models and why you can never assume that what worked yesterday will work tomorrow: New Day, New Plan."

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