100 Cool Things to Watch for in 2013


WPP's JWT Intelligence group is usually good at looking into the near-term future, so definitely worth your time to click through these slides.  They have been spot on many times before, like with shared cars–and my friends at AVIS (solid executive team) are now jumping in full toddle with the purchase of Zip Car.  Having been the CEO of TNS Media myself, which was acquired by WPP (now called Kantar Media), it's nice to see solid market intelligence coming from multiple Sir Martin Sorrell operating groups.  However, his research groups should be rebooting their business models because many of their Global 1000 brand clients will continue to move away from expensive surveys/interview projects and relying more on social media "intelligence".


JWT: 100 Things to Watch in 2013 from JWTIntelligence
From my colleagues at Innovation Excellence, they like:  the Adult Playgrounds, Chia Seeds and Instant-Erase Apps—just a few items from the annual list of 100 Things to Watch for the year ahead. It’s a wide-ranging compilation that reflects developments that are bubbling up across sectors, including travel, technology, food, retail and sustainability. Many of the Things to Watch are tech-centric, including the proliferation of “appcessories,” digital ecosystems, flexible screens and responsive Web design. The list also includes new foods or ingredients to watch (faux meat, teff), new types of goods or businesses (quiet products, shopping hotels), new behaviors (mindful living, privacy etiquette) and ideas with the potential to ladder up to bigger trends. 
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