Reboot Partners Group

Keynotes: Dancing with Startups

Services: Reboot Partners is a growth acceleration group that helps large organizations tackle their most challenging issues, seize emerging market opportunities and build global expansion partnerships—by leveraging the entrepreneurial movement to upgrade their innovation pipelines and develop the next-generation of talent.  With variety a growth services designed around what leaders need now—from behind the scenes advisement to hands on acceleration programs—we help leaders pick up the strategic-execution pace, get them moving at entrepreneurial speeds, flank competitors and stay away from the brink of  irrelevance, obscurity or decline that may linger ahead.  

One way we do this is to infuse organizations with the speed and attitude of successful startups, uniquely blended with the urgency, focus and results of disciplined turnarounds–creating hybrid programs that blend entrepreneurial talent with (and into) corporations to reboot their growth and market relevance. Another is by helping them participate even more directly in the entrepreneurial movement, by actively curating partnerships with top entrepreneur and startups in Silicon Valley and around the world, through our popular Dancing with Startups program.

Programming:  Co-Producing and Hosting the Dancing with Startups programs, helping large corporations upgrade their talent as-well-as their growth and innovation results by enabling their executives to tap into the entrepreneurial movement, through the curation of unique relationships, and the development of hybrid partnerships, with emerging growth companies, incubators, accelerators, stealth-startups and entrepreneurs around the world.



"There are only a handful of people like Dean who can authoritatively navigate the complex entrepreneurial movement, while facilitating meet-ups and partnerships between some of the largest and smallest companies across the world.  Innovative leaders from multi-national corporations rely on his keen ability to vet precise varieties of emerging growth companies–from Silicon Valley to New York and Europe to Asia–and bring them together through the development of unique partnerships, new ventures or investment relationships.

In addition to being an invaluable senior advisor and strategic planning partner, he is also a great keynote speaker and summit facilitator.  On a tour stop of his signature “Dancing with Startups” program, Dean’s team not only curates impactful sessions with entrepreneurial talent from the smartest stealth companies, incubators and accelerators, but he also commands an eclectic audience of the top civic, government, academic, financial, business and thought leaders from the local ecosystem.  This unique platform has been extremely valuable in broadening our reach and effectiveness while helping us to accelerate the execution of our innovation programs.”  Sonny Garg, Exelon